Will hypnosis work better/faster if I listen more often?

Will hypnosis work better/faster if I listen more often?

Everyone responds differently to hypnosis, but for many people, listening more often will produce faster results.
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    • Will I lose control while I’m under hypnosis?

      You will always be in control while listening to any hypnosis audio. In order to enter into a hypnotic trance, you will voluntarily become more and more accepting of the suggestions provided. But if the suggestions conflict with your wishes, you will ...
    • Does hypnosis work for everyone?

      Some people are either unable to be hypnotized or have low susceptibility, in which case self-hypnosis may not be effective, or it may require listening over a longer period of time to notice changes.
    • Why does hypnosis work so well?

      Hypnosis works so well because it communicates directly with your subconscious mind. In doing so, hypnosis gets to the root cause of your limiting behaviors or beliefs, so you’re able to experience results much faster than if you were to try and ...
    • How long/often do I need to listen?

      Many people start to notice changes in as little as one session, but we recommend listening daily for at least one to three weeks to experience more substantial results. To make long-lasting changes usually requires listening regularly for one to two ...
    • How does hypnosis work?

      Your mind operates in two states of awareness: the conscious and unconscious. The conscious mind controls things within your awareness, like moving your hand or making a phone call. The unconscious mind, however, controls all of the things you don’t ...