What is the binaural beats feature and how does it work?

What is the binaural beats feature and how does it work?

The Binaural Beats feature is a special combination of sound frequencies — a slightly different one for each ear — that is designed to amplify the hypnotic effect. This technology induces your brainwaves to match the frequency you hear during listening. The Binaural Beats in our audios uses a frequency associated with being more receptive to hypnotic suggestions. The Binaural Beats in our Sleep Well audio uses a frequency associated with deep sleep.

Using the Binaural Beats

You can enable the Binaural Beats under the Settings icon by sliding the switch from left to right. Because binaural beats deliver a different sound frequency to each ear, you must use headphones or earbuds to experience the benefit. When the Binaural Beats is enabled, you'll hear a gentle hum in the background of your audio.
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