How long will it take to get a reply?

How long will it take to get a reply?

We usually reply to inquiries within one business day, and often much sooner. 

IMPORTANT: If you've sent us a message and haven't heard a reply, please check your spam folder (especially if you use Yahoo mail). 

If you find a message from us in your spam folder, marking it "not spam" will prevent future messages — including important emails like purchase receipts and support ticket replies — from being filtered. 

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    • How long/often do I need to listen?

      Many people start to notice changes in as little as one session, but we recommend listening daily for at least one to three weeks to experience more substantial results. To make long-lasting changes usually requires listening regularly for one to two ...
    • Will hypnosis work better/faster if I listen more often?

      Everyone responds differently to hypnosis, but for many people, listening more often will produce faster results.
    • Will I lose control while I’m under hypnosis?

      You will always be in control while listening to any hypnosis audio. In order to enter into a hypnotic trance, you will voluntarily become more and more accepting of the suggestions provided. But if the suggestions conflict with your wishes, you will ...
    • What happens if I upgrade from a single audio subscription to a bundle?

      If you purchase a single audio and then upgrade to an audio bundle or All Access Pass during the same order, we instantly reverse the cost of the single audio purchase because that audio is already included in your upgraded subscription. This way, ...
    • Orders and subscriptions overview

      Our premium audios and bundles are monthly subscriptions. There is no long-term commitment, and you can cancel at any time. When you join SuccessMinds, you'll receive an email from hello (@) with the details to access your account. ...