Does each audio have just one script?

We've designed our audios to each have just one script. Although your conscious mind might experience that as repetitive, in hypnosis, repetition is your friend. The more familiar the suggestions seem, the more true they feel to your subconscious mind and the more benefit you'll experience. Listening to a variety of audios on the same topic would actually be counter-productive.

We do offer bundles of audios for related topics, which you can view here:

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      Our Self-Esteem audio uses a style of hypnosis called Ericksonian, which embeds hypnotic suggestions in a story. The story is designed to distract your conscious mind while your unconscious mind listens for the embedded suggestions. The key is to let ...
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      Highly hypnotizable people may experience benefit in as little as one session, but generally, it takes listening daily for at least three weeks to experience the full benefit.
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      ​ SuccessMinds provides a variety of audio bundles specifically designed for your listening success. We do not provide a way to offer customized bundles. However, we do offer our All Access Pass which gives you 19 different hypnosis audios for a ...
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